The Storm

Dear readers, my first book and debut short story collection, The Storm, is now available through Okapi Books

It features thirteen stories, held together by how they explore the questionable ways in which its characters respond to the volatile world that exists in the collection. You can read Cold Expressions now, which is one of the shorter stories in the book.

The cover is an original painting by Arantza Pardo, and it also features internal artwork from her. It is available in both limited hardback (Left) and paperback (Right) editions.

The audiobook is narrated by dub artist and poet Rider Shafique! An artist I have admired for years, so to have him involved with the book makes it all the more special. It is complemented with musical interludes by ambient artist Wodwo, and you can watch a special narration of Soulmate from the collection below.

This is my first ever release, so thank you to everyone who has read my writing up until this point, and I hope you get a copy and that you also enjoy reading it.

If you have any questions, drop a message in this contact form.

To keep up with everything about the book, follow me on my socials at the bottom of this page or subscribe to Written Gallery. You can also follow Okapi Books on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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